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Online Search facility for Credit Unions and Industrial & Provident Societies in Northern Ireland

User Guidance
To get information on a CU or IP, enter its name or number. CU and I&P numbers have 8 digits including a prefix of ‘CU’ for a credit union (i.e. CU000123) or ‘IP’ for Industrial & Provident Societies, (i.e. IP000123). Please define name searches as precisely as possible. There are three possible types of name search:

- 'Contains Words' searches for names containing these words
- 'Contains Phrase' searches for names containing this phrase
- 'Starts With' searches for names beginning with this phrase

You may also include previous CU or IP names in your search by checking the box 'Include Previous Names'. If you enter a CU/IP number this is the only search criteria that will be used in your search.

  CU/IP Number

   CU/IP Name

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